Ennji la Marque,

50 years of french know-how in embroidery

Precious boxes: little rats or rock and roll couple (250€ each plus shipping) contact me

Below some of my embroidered créations.

You can find also other items embroidered on website following 


or others items on : 


Embroidered silk wall light : 1-artichoke, 2-palm, 3- gorse (250€ each plus shipping) contact me

Bracelets "mini Jolines" price 90€ each, please contact me by specifying the number from left to right on each line the desired bracelet. postage included.

Bracelets "Jolines" 3cm wide, 210€ postage included, contact me for choice and payment.

"mini Jolines " suite....., same price as the first serie 

Pocket mirror, piece unique proce 27€ for france, for other countries, contact me for postage  fees.

All these articles are unique pieces, embroidered by me.
For the payment, please transfer the amount of the article to my PAYLIB account (mobile phone application) on my mobile phone number : 06 66 94 04 67. 
This is only valid for France.

For foreing countries, payment by Paypal on ennji@wanadoo.fr after contact by email.

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